If They Could Write

by Edgar A Guest

air mail envelope

What glorious news they’d have to tell
If only they could write to-day,
Those who have gone afar to dwell
Where all the glorious spirits stay.
In fancy here I set it down,
What Marjorie would pen for me:
“I’ve touched the hem of Jesus’ gown,
The way they did in Galilee.

“I’ve smiled at Mary Magdalene,
She visits all the mothers here;
And John the Baptist I have seen,
And all the saints that you revere.
Oh, there is much to see and do,
There’s something always going on-
Tell all the boys and girls I knew
I’ve shaken hands with Washington.

praising heaven

“Longfellow has his children’s hour,
And Riley makes us laugh with glee.
I wish I had some magic power
To picture everything I see.
But when you take your Bible down
And read of Matthew, Mark or John,
Or any soul that gained the crown,
Just think I’ve seen them, every one!”

No letter comes from Marjorie,
And yet I fancy now and then
The glorious tales she’d tell to me
If such a missive she could pen,
And thinking thus, I am content
To bear the loneliness and wait,
Because I know her days are spent
In all the company of the great.

The Light of Faith by Edgar A Guest copyright 1926

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