Avoid Unhealthy Grief
Bereavement Don’ts

Certain factors can contribute to unhealthy grief. Following is a list of bereavement don’ts.

  • Do not avoid emotions - we must not bury how we feel – we must allow ourselves to feel and work through bereavement – “can’t go over it, can’t go under it, can’t go around it… we must go through it”
  • Do not over-do – too much activity leads to exhaustion. While it can be healthy to exercise or clean, we must do these things in balance and moderation, not too little, not too much.
  • My ladies Sunday School teacher had a saying that I really liked, it is a great word picture, and I tried to put it into practice. “You can fall off the bridge on either side” I think that applies here.


  • Do not abuse alcohol or drugs – This one is so important – if we over-partake of alcohol it only numbs the pain short term, it will not solve the problem. Drugs are also a great danger. Now if you are really struggling and are under a doctor’s care some medication might be helpful.

    The important thing here is to remember -


    Do NOT self-medicate!

  • Do not hold yourself to unrealistic promises made to the deceased. Though it is most certainly honorable to keep your word, there are times when circumstances have changed. Examine - would your loved one hold you to this promise today if they were still alive?

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