Sympathy Flower Etiquette

We all have questions about Sympathy Flower Etiquette.

The local florist can be of great help with sympathy flower etiquette. They can help in deciding what is appropriate for you to send. Styles of arrangements vary from region to region.

Often the shop is already preparing some of the funeral arrangements, so they will know colors and styles are being used, local customs and where the flowers need to be sent and the time frame.

If you don’t know the names of any local florists, consider calling the funeral home that is handling the service. They can refer you to a few reputable florists in the area.

If you don’t have a local phone book or the name of the funeral home to contact a local shop, try going to

Type in the city and the type of business you are searching for and use one of these shops.

If you are wanting to order online, choose wisely!

A local funeral director friend of mine says he has had flowers from online florists arrive at the funeral home in a box, with printed instructions on how he should arrange them in the vase! I guarantee that he is not a florist and though he does his best they do not look as good as if a real florist had arranged them. He recommends that you do not use flowers-r-us! Some of the online offerings have been known to send flowers in a box that gets left on the porch no matter the weather, which can mean a frozen bouquet.

A reliable online resource to order through would be FTD. Choosing a reputable online supplier is so important! You don't want frozen flowers!

Styles of Sympathy Flowers

There are several types of bereavement floral arrangements appropriate to send.

Casket Sprays are usually reserved for the immediate family.

A pillow arrangement is given by immediate family, usually a child or grandchild. This is a small silk pillow that is adorned with silk or fresh flowers.

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It is suitable for anyone to give the following:

Wreaths and specialty arrangements
-Stand on easel

Funeral Baskets
-Sit on floor or placed on stand

Green and Blooming Plants
-Sit on floor or placed on stand

(Note- It is good sympathy flower etiquette to find out if the family will be traveling a long distance to get back home. Then it can be difficult to transfer a plant home, especially a large one.)

It is important to make sure that the funeral flowers are sent at the proper time and don’t arrive to interrupt the services.

It is also very acceptable to send sympathy gift flowers to the grieving family’s home either immediately or later with a note to let them know they are on your mind and in your prayers.

This bouquet is typically smaller than the varieties sent to the funeral home or church. It is good to have one that can fit nicely on the counter or a table.

The size of arrangement that you give may depend on whether you are buying the flowers yourself or if you are buying as a group. A smaller bouquet would be appropriate if you are buying it as an individual. Whereas if you are going in with a group of people you may be able to afford a larger spray.

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