Make a Sympathy Basket

A sympathy basket can be relatively easy to put together.

When you decide to give your Bereavement Basket will determine what you will chose to include.

A) If you are very close to the person grieving, perhaps you can make a small basket for the day of the visitation and funeral.

Things you could include:

  • Kleenex
  • hand sanitizer or individually wrapped wipes
  • lotion
  • water bottle
  • hard candies for dry throat/fresh breath

teardrop bottle

Also having been through this myself and knowing how long the day can be, sometimes a cereal or granola bar can be helpful or even a sleeve of graham crackers – something to give a boost of energy – while being easy on the stomach. Even if they don’t feel hungry they will need energy to make it through the day.

Include a teardrop bottle or a small pamphlet with comforting verses.

B) If you are making a sympathy basket to bring at a later time to the bereaved, there are other ideas of things to include.

You might want to include any of the following:

  • a small plant
  • teardrop bottle
  • a special photo you have of the deceased 
  • an obituary clipping - you could even laminate it
  • write out a good memory of your loved one
  • add a book that gives comfort - Poetry of Comfort & Hope for the Grieving by Ron Tranmer is a nice little book of poems. Find it on my Bereavement Books page.

Make the basket personal, add special touches that show you were thinking of them.

If you live too far away you might want to consider sending one.

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