A Sons Loss

This is the story of one sons loss of his father to cancer. It is a picture of how one man copes with grief. Since Richard’s story is quite long, below I have listed some excerpts of his story. If you desire to read the unabridged version I have an e-book available which includes this story along with three other grief stories.

“It was around three in the morning on some unrecalled date in April 1992. I awoke from a very disturbing nightmare. I have nightmares all the time, but this was different. This was seemingly more real and upsetting than previous ones. I dreamed I was standing over a blue casket in the viewing room of a funeral home. In the casket lay my father, clear as day”…

sorrowful man

“Dad had been losing weight over the summer, which made no sense of a man with a hearty appetite and a love for all kinds of desserts. His voice would sometimes become hoarse, which aside from an infrequent cold, would never happen. In late July he, under the direction of his physician, had a chest X-ray. And on that pivotal evening, a golf ball sized tumor revealed itself in the lower lobe of his right lung”…

“I had much to pray about”…

“Disease process…that was a term none of us had heard before. It was a term we would grow weary of and eventually learn to hate.”…

“Dad began losing his hair to the radiation; a side effect I thought belonged only to chemotherapy. His weight continued dropping. And he looked quite elderly. I was seeing a dying man.”…

“When I looked at Dad, he appeared still. I could feel my mouth drop and my eyes widen. Could this be the moment?”…

“When I returned to the living room, the hospice bed was empty. Just the sheet strewn atop the bed, and the mattress sheet full of creases and wrinkles.”

“For awhile there was a steady stream of condolences and sympathy cards. But they eventually trickled to nothing. The shock was still there, but it was wearing off and the raw pain of grief began to take hold of me”...

There is just so much to this story of one son’s loss; I don’t even know which wonderful excerpts to offer! If you want to read one man’s honest, heart-rending account of walking through the cancer journey with his father then I highly recommend downloading the full story along with the three other biographies included in one e-book for a donation of $1.99

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