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Bereavement Poems

Untitled {heavy burdens}

God Saw You … by Author Unknown

A Child’s Grief – by M.S. Lowndes

I Measure Every Grief… by Emily Dickinson

A Spiritual Journey –by Faye Kilday

The Balm Of God’s Love – by M.S. Lowndes

When I Get To Heaven – by Emily McAdams

If You Knew –by Steven W. Perry

It’s OK! – by Steven W. Perry

Safely Home – Author Unknown

I Will Light Candles this Christmas – by Howard Thurman

My First Christmas in Heaven – Author Unknown

Christmas with Jesus - by Lois Gaddy

A Christmas Card for Robbie – by Kathleen Paley Smith

The Year Before Last – Author Unknown

Brother Why – by Kathleen Kumler

Forgive – by Amber D. Shipler

Not So Very Long Ago – by Teresa Callahan

Why – by Ashley N. Sheehy

Miss Me, But Let Me Go – Author Unknown

I Did Not Die – attributed to Mary E. Faye

Celebrate - by Russell Underwood

Support From Others – Author Unknown

Bereavement Poems 2

Light a Candle by Paul Alexander { spouse grief }

To My Beloved by Celia Wenig { Widow Bereavement }

Last Night I Had A Dream – by Lisa G. Rodriguez { Widow Grief }

The House is Empty Now – By Reverend William E. Gramley { Widower Grief }

Save Me a Seat – By Fred N. Cloninger Jr { Widower Bereavement }

Goodbye – by Tammy Marie Denue

I Miss You Daddy! – by Mary A. Henry

My Father – by Kristi E. Millikan

Most Precious Dear Loving Mother – by Wanda S. Collier

I Want to Say… - by Lisa M. Tate

Big Part of Me – by Natasha B. McFadden

I’m Sorry – by Jack Tanner

Death of a Child – by Sandy Eakle

Stillborn – by Leonard Clark

My Lost Child – by Ezra Perlmuter

Just Those Few Weeks – by Susan Erlin

Entertaining an Angel Unawares – by Sherry Sharon

God, Take This Child…. – by Nancy Scott

Not Like You – by Sherri Hess

In God’s Garden – by Steven W. Perry

Teardrops – by Ron Tranmer

Angels Call – by Ron Tranmer

Too Pure – by Ron Tranmer

Losing a Piece of Me – by Tammie Thompson

God’s Little “Heart” Messenger – by Pat Woodward

A Peek Inside –by Mark Miller

Our Little Secret – by Mark MIller

A Light For Her – Author Unknown

To All Parents – by Edgar Guest

My Beloved Katie – by Linda P. Stauffer

Bereavement Prayers

A Prayer of St. Francis

Almighty God

Breathe Peace

Dearest Jesus

Eternal Loving God

Eternal God Our Help

Eternal God Maker

Eternal God


Give Rest

God Our Creator

Gracious God

Holy God

Jesus Said

Loving God

O God

The Apostles Creed

The Lord’s Prayer

We Pray Thee

Edward A Guest Poetry


Dark Days

The Dead Return



If They Could Write

(no title) In Service

James Whitcomb Riley


The March of Mortality

To All Parents

A Song

The Weaver

When a Little Baby Dies


Funeral Arrangements

Bereavement Verses

Bereavement Quotes

Bereavement Prayers

Bereavement Scriptures

Funeral Music

Funeral Dinner

Funeral Flowers

Helping Children

Funeral Directors Suggestions

Bereavement Airfares

Bereavement Leave

Grief and Sorrow Healing Help

Friends and Family

Spiritual Comfort

Bible Bereavement Scripture Verses

Grief Quotes

Sympathy Poems


Bereavement Books

Bereavement Music

Healthy Bereavement

Unhealthy Grief Bereavement Don'ts

Grief in Children

Teen Grief

Grief Counseling

Practical Help


Bring a Food Basket

Help Clean

Pet Care

Giving a Sympathy Basket

Help with Bereaved Children

Be a Substitute Role Model

Give Handyman Aid to Widows

Stages of Bereavement



Depressed Lonely

Physical Symptoms

Panicky about our Preoccupation



Resist Returning


Struggle to Affirm Reality

Stories of Grief

A Mothers Story Marilyn Evans

A Young Widow

A Sons Loss

A Mothers Love

Sympathy Etiquette

Expressing Sympathy - Finding the Right Words

What Not to Say

Provide Comfort

Sympathy Card or Letter

Sympathy Flower Etiquette

Funeral Etiquette

Bereavement Thank You Notes

Types of Bereavement

Abbrevieated Grief

Absent Grief

Ambiguous Loss

Anticipatory Grief

Chronic Grief

Complicated Grief

Delayed Grief

Disenfranchised Grief

Inhibited Grief

The Death of a Child and Your Marriage

Odds and Ends

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