Sibling Bereavement

I Want to Say...

by Lisa M. Tate

I want to say I'm sorry for many reasons left unsaid
I want to say I miss you and the life that we once led
I want to be forgiven and forgive myself as well
I want to hold my head up high and no longer sit and dwell
How do you learn to love yourself after perfecting self-hate?
I want to shout ' I miss you so' yet knowing I'm too late
So much time has already passed but one thing remains
The thought of you brings warmth to me and that will never change
We all make mistakes in life, Lord knows I've made a few
Please know that doesn't change the fact I truly cared for you
The love we shared may have been brief, and now it's just our past
But the impact that you have left on me will forever last
No matter where we go from here, no matter where we've been
What I miss most of all, is not my lover, it's my friend

girl with umbrella

Dedication: In memory of my sister, April

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