Resist Returning – Stage 8

We resist returning to daily life.

“We also find, when we attempt to get back into life again, it is much too painful.” -Granger Westberg –

Good Grief by Granger E. Westberg (2011-02-17)

I found this to be true. In this stage we may be finding some moments of light in our dark days, yet ….. life at full throttle is just still too hard. Nobody seems to notice that you are still raw and bleeding. We might want to “put our toe in” but not yet “go off the high dive”. You are still mourning.

“But we somehow have the impression that grief is out of place in our society.” -Granger Westberg – “Good Grief”

women sharing

This is where our friends and family can help. They can include us without pushing us for more than we are ready for. One of the greatest gifts they can give us is an openness to remember the deceased, telling fun stories and fond remembrances.

Gradually we can reenter “the land of the living”. We must be gentle on ourselves by not expecting too much too soon, yet at the same time we cannot let ourselves shut everything out completely.

We can follow the adage of my Bible study teacher “You can fall off the bridge on either side.”

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