Practical Help

How can you offer practical help to individuals and families that have suffered a bereavement?

It depends on how close you are to the family or friend, what level of help you can contribute. If you know them well, likely you will already be able to see the need they have and fill it.

Are you only an acquaintance, but still want to do something? Contact someone who is close to them to see how you can be of assistance.

Everyone can do something to help.

How to Help a Grieving Friend: A Candid Guide for Those Who Care (Whitson, Stephanie Grace)

is a book about how to comfort with words and actions. In it the author shares her own personal experience with loss, what was helpful and what wasn’t.

-The bereaved will need some kinds of help right away-

               There are always mundane chores that still have to be done.

               Consider bringing food to the house, there are more mouths

               to feed and less time to prepare it.

practical help vaccum

         The last thing that the bereaved family

         usually wants to attend to is cleaning. 

         Yet they probably will want the house 

         straightened before people stop by.

          Does the family have a dog that needs to

          be walked and fed?

               You can fill a basket with helpful and useful things for the

               funeral itself. 

-Other kinds of assistance will be needed later-

Children will need and often want to do

some fun regular activities. 

The parents might not be up to the task

during this time of grief.

                If a child loses a parent, they may need someone to

                model what it means to grow to be a healthy adult.

                 Often there are household tasks that require more skills or

                 money than the bereaved person has. 

It is important to remember…

Don’t forget them after the first week!

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