Pet Care

gray tabby cat

Pet care is something you can offer to do for someone you know who has suffered a bereavement. When a person is grieving, it can be hard to think ahead and organize the care of their pet. If you are an animal lover this can be a natural area for you to help.

walking the dog

Maybe they need someone to look in on the dog while they are at the visitation or funeral. Offer to go to the house to let it out for a potty break, feeding or other special needs it may have.

You can offer to watch their pets if they have to leave town. It could be at your home or theirs depending on what works best for all involved.

Or help to arrange for boarding at the local kennel. If the bereaved family has limited funds consider paying for their animal’s care yourself. Some areas even have “pet hotels” with deluxe accommodations. Consider one of these if it would be a comfort and help to the family.

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