A Mothers Love at Death

What an example of a mothers love this following story is!

An except from “A Father…A Son…and a Three-Mile Run” by Keith J. Leenhouts Copyright 1975.

From pages 124 and 125

I had spent many nights at the hospital during the last three weeks of mother’s life. The cancer had already ravaged the inside of her body; she was slipping fast, so the early morning call came as no surprise. “You’d better come right away, Judge Leenhouts,” the nurse said. “I’m afraid your mother’s condition is growing rapidly worse.”

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When I rushed into the sterile, sickly green hospital room moments later, mother’s thin white lips quivered into a weak smile and, through tremendous effort and love, she opened her beautiful brown eyes very wide. Several times during the day I suggested that she close her eyes and try to rest. But she would feebly shake her head, strain to open her eyes even wider, and murmur words I could not understand.

At two o’clock in the afternoon my wife, the special nurse we had enlisted, and I decided I should leave to meet my sister flying in from Boston. When my sister and I returned from the airport two hours later, my wife intercepted us in the hall to tell us that, even as my footsteps still echoed in the hospital corridor as I left, mother closed her eyes and slipped into a deep coma. She had absolutely refused to go into that coma as long as her son was in the room. What incredible power and strength in her love!

Half an hour later the nurse again urged us to go. But we did not want to leave mother. Finally at six both my wife and the nurse urged us to go, and we reluctantly agreed.

They told us later they could still hear our voices in the hall at the moment mother died.

Mother had absolutely refused to die until her daughter and son had left the room. I was overwhelmed then and still am. Mothers love had literally reached back from the grave itself to bestow a final blessing on those she loved the most – sparing her children the sight of her death. This, her final gift, had come from the same source whence all her gifts had come – the awesome power of her undying love.

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