A Mothers Story - - Marilyn Evans

"My Grace Is Sufficient"

This is one mothers story.

“My Grace Is Sufficient”

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Those familiar words from the Bible are just words when life goes smoothly and there is no great need. They have recently become very real to me.

I remember saying, “How can anyone bear losing a child?” You never really feel it will happen. There are always the vague thoughts of automobile accidents or war. I remember knowing a woman who lost her only son in WWII and noting how she seemed to smother the remaining married daughter.

I thought then that it would be better to have more than two children so you wouldn’t be left with one. The possibility never was a real concern though, when life was so good. I felt so fulfilled and satisfied – each day was interesting and busy and full of joy. I had remarked to people that “something must be wrong” – our three children were teenagers and it had been so easy so far – “something must be going to happen!”

Suddenly, not long after his 17th birthday, our middle child, and only son, became ill and the shocking report came he had a terminal malignancy of the lymph system, already involving the blood. We could expect two years at best. You never think it will happen- somehow terminal illness had never occurred to me as a possibility.

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It has been over a year since Mark’s death and whether it is right or wrong, I want to share thoughts and experiences during the loss of someone very dear. I’ve sometimes wondered if a talk with a psychiatrist would help me to know whether what I felt was “normal”. Though I am a nurse and married to a minister, I was still not sure how a person feels or what reactions were to be expected after some time had gone by.

Perhaps another bereaved mother will at least know that others have shared similar doubts and feelings. Many people said, “Time will help”, “It will get easier”, “Someday the memories will bring joy, not sadness”. I then wondered when it would get easier! When could I ever feel good about losing my precious son?

A Mothers Story - - by Marilyn Evans has been tucked away for too long. I think it is timeless. Something to be shared with others again. A wonderful little booklet of one mother’s story. This story was too long for just one internet page. I am offering it in a small e-book that includes this story along with three other grief stories for a donation of $1.99.

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