My Lost Child

by Ezra Perlmuter

It all started out so naturally
Yes this was my second pregnancy
Finally I passed the first trimester
Thinking about names like Larry or Lester
Or if it is a girl as I anticipate
Names like Kathy, Kerry or even Kate
You see I already have a son named Brit
And she will complete our family unit
I was getting ready to entertain for the night
Cooking and cleaning with all of my might
Suddenly I felt a little pain
Perhaps it was nothing just a little strain
As a lay down in bed my water broke
I called the doctor and these words I spoke
Please don't let me lose my baby

Pregnant Belly

Please don't tell me perhaps or maybe
I was rushed to the hospital where my doctor wait
Please doc I beg of you it is not too late
They checked me and told me the worse news I could hear
They told me the news that I most fear
Your baby will not make it out alive
HOW CAN I go on HOW WILL I survive?
Then more bad news the worse maybe
You will have to give birth to a dead baby
I cannot do it, can't we just live as one
No is what he said it cannot be done
Finally after three hours she is born
Holding her next to my heart that is torn
I beg them to let me hold her for a while
Let me look at her and cry while I smile
I whisper in her little ear
It is mommy have no fear
I stroke her face and I cry some more
You are my little girl the one I adore
I will always call you my little Kate
I guess I must come to terms with our fate
Good bye my precious I will never forget
Our special time when we first met
I hand Kate back to the nurse and I scream
That this is the end of my very worst dream
Kate, Kate, Kate

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