If You Knew

by Steven W. Perry

If you knew where I am standing
If you could see the sights I see
If you could hear the angels singing
The songs they sing eternally
If you knew the One I’m holding
Could see the smile He smiles at me
If you knew where I am resting
You would not cry for me

I’m resting in the precious arms of Jesus
No other place would I rather be
So if you shed a tear,
Please don’t shed it for me
If you knew where I am resting
You would not cry for me

I know you’re confused about my leaving you so soon
But I’ll be with you again
Maybe morning, night or noon
So I’ll save a place for you
Right beside the crystal sea
If you knew where my mansion’s standing
You would not cry for me

c.1986 Steven W. Perry
c.2001 words & music Steven W. Perry; arr. Jan C. Huettner; Holy Spirit Music

This poem is frequently credited to Steven Kinworthy.

How the Song "If You Knew" Came To Be.

By Steven W. Perry

A young lady I knew in high school, named Cathy, was one of the nicest girls I've ever known. She ended up marrying Charlie, a friend of mine that I've known ever since grade school.

In late 1984 I was making a delivery in downtown Kansas City, she was sitting behind a desk and I immediately recognized her but she didn't look well. In school she was voted Snowball Queen but when I saw her it was obvious that something was not right.

Well she was sitting right next to her boss so I was unable to share with her the way I really wanted to but I did take her hand and say “It’s not real easy, is it Cathy"? She answered, "No Steve, It isn't". As I left her that day I was saying a prayer for her. You see she had been staying in a rough part of town, and I didn't know it but she was also suffering from a disabling mental condition.

In early 1985 I awoke to the news that she had been strangled in downtown Kansas City, Mo. She unfortunately accepted a ride with someone she shouldn't have. (He is now in custody for the murder of 11 other women.)

Well, I went to work that day feeling about as low as I have ever felt. I even felt the evil-one pointing his finger at me and saying “See there, God told you to witness to her and you didn't and now I've got her."

But it was later that day, if I've ever heard God speak, He spoke these words to me loud and clear. "Don't worry about Cathy because she is sitting right here next to me". Immediately the burden was lifted and I felt as light as a feather. As a newly, re-committed Christian I guess I had forgotten that Satan is a liar and there is no truth in him whatsoever.

Then about three months later, as I was on my way out of town to make a delivery, I was singing and praising God when all of a sudden the words to "If You Knew" came loud and clear. I even was singing it as I was writing it.

I didn't fully realize what God had given me until I started to share it with people and soon the little miracle stories started coming back to me.

Friend, if you want to be part of this miracle song, start sharing it with everyone and watch the good Lord work.


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If You Knew

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