Hope – Stage 9

In this stage we begin to hope again.

We are created in such a way that eventually, if the natural course of things progress, our wounds begin to heal.

Stages of Bereavement -Hope- throwing leaves in the air

We don’t need to feel guilty for finding pleasure again. It may be something as simple as the sun on our face and we notice it for the first time in months.

Regaining some measure of joy in our lives doesn’t mean our deceased loved one means less to us. No far from it!

We can begin to remember special moments with less pain. We may still go through waves of grief, however the sunshine in our days may increase and the cloudy times decrease.

It seems as if life is beginning in us once again. We will never forget the one who has died, but finally we feel as though we can and will survive even though they are no longer with us.

Healing is happening and we begin to accept this new way of living. We come to terms with things and begin to have peace.

Hope written in the sand

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