Grief and Sorrow Healing Help

There are many avenues of healing help for grief and sorrow available.

During this time of bereavement, one great place to turn is to our friends and family. After all they know us best and care very deeply for us. Allow them to help take care of you.  Believe me!  They really want to help!

We can gain spiritual comfort from our pastor, church family and the wonderful promises in scripture. Let God carry you in His “everlasting arms” (Dueteronomy. 33:27)   You can receive great strength from this resource!

We can find words of comfort through Bible bereavement scripture verses, grief quotes, sympathy poems and books like 

These can offer us a measure of solace and healing.

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At the time of death the question of Heaven becomes very real. We want real answers to comfort our searching souls. There are quite a few books out there that do a good job of addressing our hardest questions, like this book by Billy Graham; 

Bereavement music can comfort us in a way that reaches into our soul to bring healing. Somehow music can reach to places other methods cannot.

The internet is fast becoming another avenue to help us in so many aspects of life including bereavement, after all you are here because you were looking for comfort and help! Along with my website there are many other good online grief resources including griefwatch.

There are things we can do to further healthy bereavement – things that will help us as we do our grief work. Also there are things to avoid that will aggravate unhealthy grief.

Grief and Sorrow in Children and Teens

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Grief in children and teen grief look and act differently than adult grief so we need to help them cope with death in ways that are healthy for them. We need to remember they are not miniature adults.  Therefore do not process grief in the same way!

Most experts agree that we can usually work through grief without professional help. However, grief counseling may be necessary if we have grieved long and are not progressing. It is important to seek the help we need.  Do not be embarrassed, or worry what others think.

Take care of yourself!

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