Bring a Food Basket

All of us can bring a food basket in for the grieving family. It is best if there is one person who is the “food coordinator”. Consider resourcing the bereaved person’s church to bring in food.

“What kind of food do I take?”

Following are some suggestions;

Consider main courses that can be popped in the oven or that reheat well. Also think about whether it will keep well in the freezer.

I like to buy a large bottle of juice or milk if there are children in the family.

It is easy to pick up a bag or two of ready-to-go salad .

And for dessert, brownies or a box cake is easy to put together.

If you can - put the food into containers that do not have to be returned, like tinfoil baking pans, or those reusable plastic containers. If you use pans that need to be returned, make sure to label them clearly so the family will know who to return it to. (I like to just slap on one of my return address labels.)

Consider the family the food is going to. Do they have special dietary needs? A diabetic? Do they have kids? How many people are in the family? How many will be staying there that also might need to be fed?

What if you want to contribute but don’t have the time? You can still pick up a nice take out meal and deliver it to them. Or order it and have it delivered, though in that case make sure you have prepaid so they will not have to pay the bill when the food arrives!

On my funeral dinner page I list a website that offers food that you can have delivered to the funeral dinner or to the person's home at another time. What they offer may be just what you are looking for, especially if you live some distance away from your loved one.

Most towns, unless very small, will have a restaurant or grocery store you can order from.

Here are some additional options below:

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