Dark Days

by Edgar A Guest

Life has laughter in it,
Smiles and songs of glee,
But the care-free minute
Stays not constantly;
Cares will come to vex us,
Burdens we must bear,
Problems grave perplex us
As through life we fare.

couple sitting on overlook

Life has hours of duty,

Days of trial, too,

Ugliness and beauty

Age has wandered through;

Hills to climb and hollows

Where our feet may rest;

After pleasure, follows

Many a cruel test.

None forever dancing,
None forever sad;
Yesterday’s romancing
Was a joy we had;
Now our hearts are aching
With the hurt of grief,
Shall we, God forsaking,
Falter in belief?

woman at rest on beach

God was in our pleasure,
God was good to give;

In the joy He measures
God is seen to live;

Shall He then desert us
In our times of fear,

When our sorrows hurt us
Will not God draw near?

Pain and joy are blended
Ever through the years,
Life, until it’s ended,
Runs through smiles and tears;
And the God who gave us
Joys which slip away,
Sends his love to save us
When we meet dismay.

The Light of Faith by Edgar A Guest copyright 1926

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