by Edgar A Guest

Father kissing daughter

What comfort have I now to give,
To soothe the heart, to which has come
That grief which leaves our senses numb?
That grief which makes it pain to live
And darkens every path, and seems
The end of all our happy dreams.
Oh, friend of mine, be brave, and know
That never will she suffer so.

And keep her here? Ten years? Ah, no!
‘Twould hurt us then to let her go.

There is no time that we could set
For parting. We who must remain
Are never ready for such pain.
Ever our prayer would be: “Not yet!
Not yet, dear God, another day.
With us let our beloved stay.”
We must believe when falls the blow
That wisely God has willed it so.

man reflecting

Together we have prayed that she
Might longer stay with her caress
To fill the day with happiness;
But, oh, what bargain could there be,
What pledge or promise could we make
To save ourselves this present ache

God has her in His keeping now,
Angels attend her through the day,
Never her feet shall go astray,
Never shall anguish line her brow,
Never a bitter thought shall find
Harsh lodgment in her gentle mind,
Lovely her girlhood shall remain,
Safe from the hurt of time and pain.

The Light of Faith by Edgar A Guest copyright 1926

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