Help Clean

Offer to clean before/after family comes from out of town for the funeral.

Consider bringing your own supplies and vacuum if you would not be able to find theirs. (You won’t want to pester them- asking where things are). If you know them well this might not be necessary since you would know where the cleaning supplies were kept.

While you straighten up, consider throwing in a load of wash, if applicable.

The idea here is if you see a need and can easily fill it – do so.

For someone who isn’t comfortable picking up around the house or if this is something they don’t need - offer to wash and vacuum their car. Fill up the tank while you have it out. That way it is ready for the funeral and/or picking up family at the airport. It will be one less thing that they will have to worry about.

If time doesn’t allow you to do these things yourself, or if your health is poor, or you live too far away, consider offering to pay for a maid service. You can hire them for a one time job or you could pay for a number of months or even a year.

Don’t forget the bereaved’s church family or if they don’t have one – call upon yours. Many times fellow church members would love to help in some way, but don’t know how. If you are able, be the organizer.

In a church I once belonged to we had a family whose little girl had to have a bone marrow transplant. They lived in one of those wonderful old houses. But since it was old they were concerned about the germs and molds that might be lurking when they arrived home with a girl with a fragile immune system.

I was blessed to be able to coordinate the complete top to bottom sanitizing of their house. The church family was fantastic in sticking with it and seeing it through. The amount of stress taken off the family was tremendous. They could focus on getting their little girl better.

It can be the same for a grieving family. Offer to help. If not with scrubbing now, look for a need later and fill it.

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