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Writing bereavement thank you notes after the funeral of a loved one can be especially hard to tackle. Mentally and emotionally it may feel almost impossible for most of us.

You can always consider enlisting the help of a family member or close friend. Just having them there with you will help give you the push to get started. Certainly there is not any reason that they can’t help you by organizing the mailing lists and addressing envelopes. They can also run out to the Post Office to buy stamps if necessary.

When the parent of grown children has died, I know of some families who have divided the list of thank yous among the different family members to ease everyone’s burden. Then they share the weight so that no one person has to do it all. It makes sense for each person to send sympathy thank you cards to the people they know personally.

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It is generally accepted that you will send
thank you notes to those who:

* sent sympathy flowers to the house or a funeral arrangement to the services
* made donations in honor of the deceased
* brought food in to the family at home or for the funeral dinner
* give a gift of any kind
* take over household chores or other tasks to free up the family in order that they can attend to other necessary duties

The content of a thank you note does not have to be long and wordy. Write like you talk. No one is going to be judging your grammar! It can consist of three to four sentences.

thank you
  • A greeting–something simple and straight forward
  • An acknowledgement–recognize the specific gift or thoughtful action they have given you
  • A personal tidbit– something that fits the relationship that you have with that person
  • A word of thanks/appreciation– (this one needs no explanation)
  • A closing– how personal your closing is depends on the bond that you share with this person

The main thing is to let them know you are thankful, it does not need to be fancy or elaborate. Just be yourself. You can never go wrong being honest and sincere!

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