Types of Bereavement

Though there are commonalities in losing someone, there are many types of bereavement.

                                             (Mom & Dad -when he had Alzheimers)

Anticipatory Grief Types of Bereavement

Some of your grief experience depends on who you lose and what relationship you shared with them. Another factor can be what else is going on in your life at the same time.

All of this can affect what your grief will look like.

Below is a list of some kinds of grief. We might find one or two that we sort of fit into. As I have been researching out these definitions, I find myself saying; “Yes, I have experienced that.” or “So that’s why I felt this or that way!”

(Remember that these are still generalized and we all will experience things differently)

Types of Bereavement

(I will continue to add more as I get them researched out.)

  • Abbreviated Grief - a short-lived, but genuine form of grief
  • Absent Grief - could be defined simply as no signs of grief in the bereaved person following a major bereavement, as if the death has not occurred
  • Ambiguous Loss - a loss that is not very clear. It is unseen, or not accepted as valid.
  • Anticipatory Grief - defined as experiencing grief and loss before the actual death of a loved one has occurred
  • Chronic Grief - grieving that lasts for a prolonged or extended period of time
  • Complicated Grief - grief that goes on longer than "normal"
  • Delayed Grief - grief that has been postponed
  • Disenfranchised Grief - sorrow that is not socially or publicly recognized
  • Inhibited Grief - there is some evidence that a person is grieving, but there are less than expected signs of outward mourning
  • The Death of a Child and Your Marriage - Recognize that when you experience the death of a child, your marriage will be greatly stressed.

I hope that after you have read the definitions of these kinds of grief that you will find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Yes, we each walk on our own grief journey, but we have others who are walking it too and understand our hurt.

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