Stories of Grief

Just like snowflakes, our personal stories of grief are as varied as each of us as individuals. However, we can identify with others’ mourning and bereavement. Sometimes reading what another person has gone through can help each of us work through our own pain.

There is not one right way to grieve. Each of us will have our own personal experience. Below is a short list of just a few grief stories written by unique individuals dealing with their own personal sorrow.

There is Marilyn Evans who experienced the pain of parental bereavement when she lost her son to cancer in his teens. There is not a single mother who ever wants to experience the death of a beloved child. Marilyn shows us incredible grace during such a emotionally difficult time.

You could call Mary’s bereavement story one of complicated grief as she loses her spouse first to mental illness then to death.

Richard* is a young man just getting his career under way, when his dad is diagnosed with terminal cancer. His is a raw and honest account of his experience with a look at the different stages we encounter. (Name has been changed)

Experience the power of a mother’s love to her son Keith J. Leenhouts. He writes of this occurrence in his book “A Father…A Son…and a Three-Mile Run” .

There are so many accounts of bereavement. It is my desire that by sharing these stories you will experience some measure of comfort. I hope to add more as I am able. Thank you for your patience!

Grief Work Devotional and Daily Journal: Daily Devotional and Three Month Grief Journal

Some people find writing out their experience to be helpful to healing. Journaling is a great way to do that.

Each of our stories is unique. None of us experience loss exactly the same way.

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