In God’s Garden!

By Steven W. Perry 05-17-09

Like a beautiful flower you had come into our lives
Giving us joy—unspeakable—uncompared
but for such a short time you stayed here with us
Hardly long enough for our love to share
but as the rosebud which fails to bloom
is replaced to make room
So has God taken you back home!
but there’s a place in heaven above
Where all flowers bloom again
In a garden which encircles God’s throne!

babys hand

In the garden that grows
near God’s heavenly throne
A precious flower blooms we claim as our own
You brought us joy for awhile
Through our tears made us smile
One day we’ll meet in God’s garden, again!


Now you’re a rose in full bloom
and we’ll meet again soon
In God’s garden growing there by His throne!

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