by Russell Underwood


When I die …celebrate…

for I have entered

heaven's gate.

Earthly cares are

left behind.

I have heaven's

peace of mind.



The battle is over, the victory's won,
I share the presence of God’s own dear Son.
Mom and Dad I’ll see once more restored
to full health on heaven’s bright shore.


My friends and my family who long have been there
will show me around in that city so fair.
I’ll live in my mansion that Jesus has blessed
and invite the Archangel to come be my guest.


So please don’t weep, please don’t mourn,
this is the best day since the day I was born.
Be ready to follow when your life grows dim,
I’ll meet you in heaven where we’ll dwell with Him.


So, when I die …celebrate…
for I have entered heaven’s gate.



This poem was made into a song that was sung at Russell Underwood's funeral. The music was written by his grandson Andrew Bieker. The words and chorus were adapted by his son, Tim Underwood.  The first stanza is used as a chorus between each verse.

(Tim wanted to be able to give this song away to anyone who wanted to have it. Unfortunately there are fees involved in making it available.)

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