A Peek Inside [ about his boy ]

by Mark Miller

I am in a dark place.

I look to escape,
But unseen walls contain me.

I hear a little boy crying,
But I cannot find him,
I cannot help him.

I start running,
Trying to get closer,
Trying to get away,
I am going nowhere.

I can sense his presence,
Reaching out to touch him,
Trying to feel him,
Straining to caress him,
I long to hold him.

sad young boy

I cry out for help,
But no one can hear me,
No one can help me,
I feel so alone here.

I have somehow failed him,
In some mysterious way,
I should not be here.

I must continue searching,
Whatever it takes.

I am in a dark place.
In memory of Timmy.

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